Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Importance of selecting a suitable timesheet

When we decide to implement the timesheet in our office the first and the foremost thing that we should bring into consideration is if we want to bring the financial and other existing economic systems to be integrated with our timesheet . This integration can be viewed in two aspects both as a pro or con . On the beneficial side if the existing system is integrated with our timesheet the work of payroll management will be reduced and at the same time if the integration is done that is an extra burden and more time and money should be spend in implementing and integrating timesheet .If we buy the timesheets with no custom changes we don't want to pay anything extra .But if we ask them for custom changes exclusively for our company then we should be ready to pay them more money.Here are some of the key points what one should be careful before going for a implementing timesheets.

Usability - Provide the facilities that are mandatory
A great challenge with time tracking systems is to actually get users to enter their time reports. If the timesheet is complex then some users will neglet using this timesheet which might give us an erroneous result.Hence time tracking software should be as simple as possible so that even the lowest ranked person in an office can easily use this.If you select a time tracking software like timesheet that does not live up to the expectations from all of these roles you will have a system that users will disapprove to use alternatively not use for the full potential.

Report generation is a vital aspects
A very essential aspect that is easily overlooked when choosing a system is WHAT it should deliver in the form of reports. Is it the absence reports that is essential or / and should the system provide a basis for billing? Take in regard what information that project managers want to have but also what other roles that are interested in reports from the system.

Skip the pain of hosting
Earlier, all time reporting system acquired were to be installed on your servers and client computers, with numerous hardware and software requirements needed. Naturally there are still timesheet system that is hosted in the same manner but it has grown more popular in recent years is to hire system/software as SAAS, Software as a Service. This results in that you as a customer do not install any programs on your own servers. You will instead use a solution that is hosted at the system provider and accessed via a browser. No installation or heavy license fees for databases etc are required. Normally you pay per month and for the number of users that will utilize the software.


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